Saturday, 29 September 2012

Building Community ~ Grape and Wine Style

Saturday morning, several of our students and volunteers took part in our local Grape and Wine parade. They put together a beautiful float and 9 of our students played on it while several walked beside and behind. While we celebrate building community this month at Beacon, we also know it's great to also be a part of our wider local community!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Fairglen 2012

Every year our students get to be creation-enjoyers from new vantage points. 

Whether it's high up in the canopy or the middle of a river,

they all get to look around and see that that God is the God of all things.

They all get to look at and listen to each other as they do team building activities,

eat meals,

laugh together,


 listen to God's word and sing praises.

In an intensive three days, students, parents and staff create a unique community that will always be a special and a great memory of their time at Beacon.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Community Blessings

As we focus this month on building community, 
we know that it is a blessing to be a part of many different communities.

On Friday, our Grade 5-8 students were invited to join with other Christian schools to be a part of chapel and enjoy the Momentum choir.

What a  wonderful afternoon for our students and staff!

 Thank you, Momentum, for touching us with your gift of music and praise. 
You have blessed us!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Meet Professor Avery Squinch!

At our first chapel of the year during the first week of school, our students welcomed a special visitor. His name is Professor Avery Squinch.  He reminded us that God is Lord of ALL things, every square inch

He promised to come back and visit us each month when he was not travelling (he's in high demand all over the world!) True to his word, he arrived at our chapel last week. We were learning about building community and he shared with us about how we are all important parts of the body of Christ. Have a look and see what he had to say!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

What Are We Building?

We are off to an exciting start here at Beacon! It was wonderful to see so many happy faces enter through our doors during the first two weeks of school. 

It was great to connect with our familiar friends and wonderful to meet many new faces that have quickly become friends!

This year our school is focusing on "throughlines".  What a wonderful way to proclaim that Jesus is  Lord of ALL things! 

And what is our student body so busy working on building, especially this month?

We are building community! Just like a body is made up of many parts, so it is with Christ's body.

All are important and necessary. Our chapel and classroom focus has been on ways to build up the body of Christ by building up the communities of which we are part.

We are worshipping together, working collaboratively, learning manners, planning service projects,  encouraging, hearing from Professor Squinch, welcoming new friends and much, much more!
What a blessing to learn every day in a community built on this foundation:
He is Lord of ALL things!