Monday, 29 October 2012

JK and the Purple Parade

Learning about God's world around us often means we take our learning 
out of the walls of our school building.

In Junior Kindergarten, our students learn that every square inch belongs to God,
 including the colours He created!

September was purple month in JK. The JK students certainly showed us their 
purple pride during the annual Purple Parade! 

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

God Worshipping

This morning we had our weekly chapel. Meeting each week this year has been such a blessing. It has been wonderful to see some parents join us each week! Please feel free to join us any or all Wednesday mornings at 8:45 a.m. for our weekly chapel. What a wonderful way to worship and grow together. 

This week we were treated to Grade 8's dramatic presentation of God worshipping.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Gr. 8 Guest Blogger

This is the last of our Gr. 8 Guest bloggers blogging about the Toronto trip. 
Toronto trip
Leah S.

1. The purpose of our Toronto trip was to see new places and to prove we could get to Toronto without using a car or van. I think it was really fun doing all the public transit. It was a new experience. The bus was very comfy. They had nice feet rests, lights. Lots of space, and the seats could recline. On the train it
didn’t even feel like it was moving. Four people sat towards each other so they could talk and it was lots of fun. On the subway it wasn’t as comfortable but we were only on for 10 minutes we got to see some new people. When we were getting out we learned that the doors automatically close if you don’t go out fast enough. Luckily someone’s lunch got stuck in the door and one of our leaders pulled the doors apart. On the way back we didn’t get stuck in the subway. It was the same experience, but on the bus we all got separated from each other so we  had to sit with different people, on the bus people we didn’t know just
sat there on there phones with their ear buds in.  On the bus we all sat with people with our class. We all talked and had fun. I took some good pictures. We saw factories, lakes, buildings, and stuff like that. It was lots of fun because we got to have a new experience with our friends.

2. Joys-There was lots to do there like the food festival, in the school that Mr. Fullen taught in they were making a big art project. We got to see a man who invented his  own instrument that used water instead of air. There was really good food there too. We all enjoyed our lunches a lot.

Struggles- There is a lot of people so it is overwhelming, some people are homeless, and we saw that there was lots of pollution. Our pictures show lots of bikes which means people they bike everywhere, it’s expensive to park your car and for a taxi, there are busy streets, lots of buildings, and cool architecture. One of the pictures shows a telephone pole covered in advertising and pictures and the other shows a poem I graved in the ground by a publishing place which was really cool.

3. Rhoda taught us that the trees in Toronto aren’t happy because there is concrete over them and no dirt. There is not a lot of clean air. Mr. Fullen’s class showed us lots of cool architecture, cool places like a place where they publish books. They showed us there school which is shaped like a peacock which was really cool.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Gr. 8 Guest Blogger

From time to time, we will feature guest student bloggers. It's great to hear from our students themselves on life here at Beacon!
Toronto Trip
Haley M.

Hi Beacon blog readers. When Mr.Vandenburg took our class to Toronto, we went on the go bus, train and the subway. The bus was a coach bus, and it was really comfy. We got to sit with someone from our class on the way there and back. We also saw a boat that had been burnt; it was by a restaurant. On the train on the way there, we all got to sit together. But on the way
back, we had to sit by a French lady that was middle aged. It wasn’t that bad,
but our class was so quiet. The best part of being on the train was that it felt
like it wasn’t moving well maybe a little. On the train, you have barely any leg room.

Then in Toronto we went on the subway, and we almost got left on the train. The people on the subway seemed tired, annoyed and bored. When the subway train started, some of the kids in our class screamed, and the people on the train looked at us funny. There were lots of people in the station and on the trains. It is hard to get around all the people, because they all move so fast.

Some of the joys of living in Toronto are that there are lots of interesting things to look at and places that are walking distance. Some of the struggles of living in Toronto are that there are people living on the street that are ignored. My pictures show that there are lots of tall, short, old, and new buildings in Toronto. Other people’s pictures showed that there are some cool places and art in Toronto.

Mr. Fullan’s class and Rhoda (our tour guides) showed us and told some really cool stuff. Mr. Fullan’s class showed us how there school was shaped like a peacock and a cool museum. Rhoda brought us to the food festival, and there was a guy with a cool water instrument. Mr. Fullan’s class showed us bikes that were painted as an art project that were all over the city. They also showed us were you can rent a bike and told us that you can put them in a different rent a bike section. Thank you for reading.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Running the race



Today was a chance for our Beacon cross country team to give it their best.  Beautiful trails in Dundas Conservation Area, many area Christian schools, and awesome team spirit provided a great backdrop for our students to run.  Whether it was their finest race, their first race, or a race that brought tears, all of our Beacon students persevered and finished.  

Though running a race is an individual effort, all the students encouraged each other to run hard.  The teamwork was awesome!

At the beginning of the week, the team heard Hebrews 12:1-2.  They were reminded that Christ is the one who receives the glory - and He is the one who gifts them with the strength and energy to run.  He will run alongside them, and He has already run the most important Race for them.

A special congratulations to Lauren who ran away with third place in the Junior Girls division.  Congratulations!

What a great way to spend a sunny fall day!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

God Worshipping - A Video Diary

Our throughline this month is God Worshipping. Wednesday morning began with another wonderful chapel on what this means for us each and every day. We began with the above video. We sang some awesome songs including "You Are Holy" led by Grade 5.

We also heard some student testimonies on what God worshipping looks like in their lives on a daily basis.

And although Professor Avery Squinch couldn't make it, he did send a video postcard for us all to see! He's always thinking about God's creation, every square inch, even when he's travelling!

What a wonderful chapel to again remind us that we can worship God everywhere and any time!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Grade 8 Guest Blogger

From time to time, we will feature guest student bloggers. It's great to hear from our students themselves on life here at Beacon!
Toronto Reflection Blog
Sara V.

I really enjoyed Toronto! We went to Toronto to learn more about the
history and the biome. We also went to prove that we can travel all the way to
Toronto without using a car, so we used public transit. I really liked the public
transit. My favourite way that we travelled was on the train. I liked the train the
best because it was fast and smooth, although I didn’t like waiting for the train
because it was very cold outside. There was lots of beautiful scenery and we saw
a lot of God’s creation on the way. Many different people take the train. We saw
some old, some young, some French, but most English. On the way back, Abbey,
Haley, and I sat beside a quiet middle-aged woman. The woman kept to herself
and I was wondering why. Then the woman took out her phone and started to
talk in French! It was wonderful to see all the different people on the train. And I
loved to sit backwards.

I didn't like the subway as much because it was dark through the tunnels
and it was loud. On the subway there were a lot of people and we couldn’t all sit.
Some of us had to stand up. I felt like the subway was rushed because the doors
closed right on Katie’s lunch! If it weren’t for Mr. Mulder trying to open the doors
and Rhoda waving to the driver, most of our class would have travelled much
farther than Toronto.
I liked the bus because it was a little more private. It was two to a seat
and we were all facing forwards. On the bus there were a lot of people, but
there were less than on the train, and the subway. We could all sit in partners
and no one had to sit with strangers. I think this way of travelling was the most
peaceful and quiet.

I think that if you lived in Toronto, it would be very busy. Mr. Fullen said
that he had never owned a car before in his life. I think that if we had no car, we
could explore many other things like the subway, a train, the bus, or just walking
around in God’s creation, although, it would take a lot longer than driving
straight there in a car. Also in Toronto, there were some homeless people. If we
had to walk everywhere, I think we would often be asked for food or money.
Rhoda was very kind, thinking of them, and brought us some granola bars to
give to them.

Mr. Fullen’s class and Rhoda showed us many interesting things in
Toronto, but the thing that stood out to me most was the Varsity Stadium,
which Usain Bolt ran in. It’s very cool that a celebrity runner was in Toronto!
There was also a building that was shaped like a peacock. There were a lot of
different shaped buildings, too. There were some old-fashioned churches and
some brand-new glass buildings. It was neat to see all the different buildings.
And all the different shapes had different purposes too. Some libraries, some
restaurants, some offices, and some churches too. Going to Toronto was an
amazing experience, seeing all the different places and learning more of this

Monday, 15 October 2012

Grade One Trip to the Safety Village

Grade one had fun at the Children’s Safety Village in Thorold!

Watch out! Some of the drivers of the jeeps were crazy drivers! Yikes!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Student Guest Blogger - Grade 8 Trip

From time to time, we will feature guest student bloggers. It's great to hear from our students themselves on life here at Beacon!

Toronto Reflection Blog by BK Jeong
The main impression about the public transit was that while it wasn’t all that bad, it
wasn’t as good as in South Korea, the country I’m from. We walked to the bus stop in
Fairview Mall; the bus took us to the train station; we rode the GO-train to Union Station,
and then took a subway. In all, the public transit (excluding the return trip) took about
three hours. In South Korea, we could have gone the same distance in 30 minutes, using
the bullet train. Nevertheless, just like there, we can go almost anywhere without using
a car, but I’m sorry to say that it is not nearly as fast, comfortable, pollution-free or customer friendly. Also, there are a lot of people using the mass transit, so it was very hard to find a seat, and there were a lot of graffiti and litter.

I found the subway particularly uncomfortable, because there were a lot of people from
many countries, and there were not enough seats or poles to hold on to. Some of the
people smelled weird, mostly smelling like too much perfume. Also, the doors are open
for a very short time, so a large group of people couldn’t get out completely and become
separated. This almost happened to us. There was the same problem with the GO-train.
The city itself was quite pleasant, mostly because there were a lot of trees, especially
deciduous trees. Rhoda (Mr. Pot’s sister-in-law) explained to us that coniferous trees
don’t do well in cities because their leaves stay on longer and so pick up more pollution.
She also explained that urban trees are types whose roots do well in tight spaces. (She
was also the person that told the subway driver to re-open the doors during the subway

Even though the main streets and open areas were pleasant enough, in the back alleys
that we went through with Mr. Fullan’s class from the University of Toronto during our
Jane’s walk, there were much more garbage, a lot of graffiti, and few trees, so it was
quite freaky for me, rivaling the subway for bad experiences on this trip. I mostly took
photographs of these.

One interesting fact that we learned from Mr. Fullan’s class; the library building of the
University of Toronto is designed to look like a peacock. At first I didn’t get it, but then
we went to the main entrance and we saw that it really did look like a peacock.
This trip was for me a preparation, since we will be doing our own Jane’s walk soon. I can’t wait!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Grade 6 Builds Community

Today was the annual Mike's Miracles Grade 6 soccer tournament. It was a wonderful day of sport, fellowship, community building, and fun! It's wonderful to celebrate community outside our 4 walls.  See the CHCH News coverage here

Monday, 1 October 2012

Grade Eight Interprets Building Community

Last week, our Grade Eight students led us in chapel and shared their version of building community. Check it out!

It's a wonderful blessing when we can learn from each other, student from student, students from teachers and teachers from students. Learning in community!