Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Order Discovering with Snowflakes

This is our fourth week of  Order Discovering

Our Gr. 3 students shared a recorder piece

We then heard some amazing facts about snowflakes

We got to see snowflakes actually forming!
How great is our God!

Snowflakes show God's order in creation, in mathematical shapes and formation.

It's great to use our God glasses when we see a movie in our culture like
 Disney's Frozen to marvel at God's order!

Our students then got together in their GIFT groups and each made a snowflake. 
They were fun to do! Our snowflakes will be displayed together 
to remind us to be order discoverers. 

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Order Discovering

In God's creation, there exists an order that is seen in a multitude of shapes, numbers and patterns that can only be the result of the omnipotent, good, and all wise God....This diving proportion, existing in the smallest to the largest parts... reveal the awesome handiwork of God and His interest in beauty, function and order. - Shapes, Numbers, Patterns, And The Divine Proportion In God's Creation
by Fred Willson, M.S.

This is the core of our throughline this month - order discovering. 
This morning in chapel we framed our discover of order in God's creation with the words of Job 37:5: 
God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways;
    he does great things beyond our understanding.

One shape found in God's creation is the "golden spiral". We can see that in seashells, hurricanes, rams' horns, DNA, growing fern leaves, sea-horse tail, cochlea of the human ear, whirlpools, seed patterns... and on and on and on. Our God is an amazing creator!

We then explored Fibonacci's numbering sequence. You can learn more about that here:

Our students then went with their cross-graded GIFT groups (Growing In Faith Together) and worked on discovering order in a series of circles. 

Check back for more samples of order that students discovered in their art!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Order Discovering

This month our throughline is Order Discovering.
This morning we had Pastor Bob come and tell us about Moses and Order Discovering. 

Pastor Bob began with an amusing illustration of why God has placed order in our lives and why we need order.
He had a little help from Principal Pasta:

The students could clearly see the need for order and were quick to spot a lack of order. 

Pastor Bob then connected this with God's desire for order in our lives. One way He provided order to the Israelites and to us is through the 10 commandments. It is important for us to also use the order He provides in His word.

Some of our Grade 6 girls led us in a new song:

A few of our SK's led us with some of the actions to Our God is an Awesome God.
It's great to see students of all ages led our worship.