Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Music Morning

We love music at Beacon! 

All of our students in Grades 1-8 have music class 2-3 times per week. 
Our students have the chance to learn to play orff instruments, the recorder, and at least 3 band instruments of their choice. We also offer optional strings and piano lessons. 

We also love to sing, in class, at chapels, for fun - all the time!
Today the students had a chance to share what they'd been working on during our annual Music Morning and Talent Show. 
It was a wonderful celebration of music learning that has happened this year at Beacon. 
Below are a few snippets from the morning. 

Gr. 1

Gr. 3

Gr. 6

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Kindergarten Down in the Farm

The afternoon kindergarten class 
had a lot of fun learning about different farm animals.

Classroom farm toys were a huge hit every day.

They learned that pigs do not have sweat glands so they roll in the mud to cool off.
Hasn't God thought of everything for his creatures?

They created their own animal cards.

They even milked a cow....

This was a huge hit...even other teachers and students who happened to walk by
 had a chance to milk the classroom cow.

The unit on the farm inspired some students to create their own farm book with pictures and print.
Aren't God's creatures amazing?

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Throughline Limericks

At one of our Beauty Creating chapels in May, GIFT groups were asked to create beauty using words, rhythm and rhyme. The topic was one of the throughlines. 
Each group then shared theirs during morning announcements. Here is a sample of what our GIFT groups came up with.

Justice Seeking
There once was a world of sin
injustice tried to win.
As God's children today, 
we must help in every way
and commit to throwing injustice in a bin.

Servant Working

Helping our friends is good to do
When things get tough you help them through
Working together
Helping forever
Servants working like Jesus too.

Image Reflecting

There was an old man named Hector
Who was a throughline inspector
He made not a fuss
To live like Jesus
Now he’s an image-reflector.

Community Building

At Beacon Christian School
We have a throughline tool.
Use opportunity
To build community
Love your neighbour is the rule.

Order Discovering

Our God He made everything right;
He even added both day and night.
Fruit he gave, also the plants;
Next the elephants and ants.

In its order we see His might.

Earth Keeping

Earth is a beautiful place

And God has given this space
To us to keep clean
And beautifully green
So this task let us embrace


There once were some students from Beacon
Who were learning to walk like Jesus
The sang and they shared, 
They showed that they cared,
And are shining their lights for Jesus.