Saturday, 21 May 2016

Field Day 2016

This week we celebrated running, jumping, throwing, and healthy competition. Track and field day is always a highlight of the year for many.

Our kindergarten students enjoyed all their events!

Our students were divided into multigrade teams and were led by Grade 8 students. Each team had a name and a colour.  Points were earned at each event and every centimetre or second mattered! The competition for trophy was fierce! There were even points for the loudest cheer (measured by a decibel metre) and a human curling competition, which happened a few days before.

There were many smiling faces, cheers and quiet encouragement for those that were feeling down.

There are always many parents and grandparents cheering everyone on.

Many moms provided yummy lunch and snacks. 

On Wednesday, our grade 8 students participated in their own field day and competed for the highly sought after Beacon Cup.

We were blessed with amazing weather, no injuries, many smiles and lots of encouragement between students!

Sunday, 15 May 2016

We Love Our Grandparents!

Last week, we welcomed our grandparents and grandfriends to school.
 It is always a very special day!

The students eagerly awaited the arrival of their grandparents! Artwork was proudly shown.

Grandparents usually bring lots of treats to their excited grandchildren!

Our students put on a program.

 The gym was full!

 Grandparents are eager to see what their grandchildren are learning and the work they produce...

...and how smart their grandchildren are!

While this day is about fun and celebrating our grandparents and friends, we are most thankful for the influence our grandparents have on our lives in teaching us in His way. We thank God for them!

Let each generation tell its children of your mighty acts; let them proclaim your power.
Psalm 145:4 NLT