Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Marking Milestones

Monday marked a milestone in Beacon history and in 18 young peoples' lives. 
On this day, Beacon's first JK class graduated from Grade 8. 

10 years ago they began their journey at Beacon, looking much different than they do today.

The students carried a rose 
during their processional 
which they gave to their parents.

 This particular group of Grade 8 students has  been blessed with wonderful musical gifts and they shared one of their band pieces with us.

 The students framed this evening with God's word in verse...

...and song.

Mr. Mulder was the parent speaker and taught us all how to make cupcakes!

More importantly, he reminded the students that they know what good things 
should go in to their lives so that good things can come out in their lives. 
It was a wonderful analogy!

 Sara and Sean, the student speakers, spoke of their class family photo album and 
being a part of God's larger family album and what this has meant and will mean in their lives. 

Our graduates received their diplomas and a Bible. 

There was time for congratulations and hugs...

...and come silliness, too!

Above all, we pray that God will bless and keep these students 
as they move on to the next stage of  their journey.

We will miss them!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Grade 8 Road Trip!

 The Grade 8 students have been an integral part in digging into our monthly chapel theme or throughline.  Each month, these students have presented a play written by Mr. VandenBurg.

Mr. V took all the throughline plays from each month and
 wove them together into one play called Wholines

The Grade 8 class performed this play for some of our sister schools and parents, grandparents, students and friends a few weeks back. 

Last Thursday and Friday, the students took the play on the road!

After a 4:30 am departure, the first stop was Trenton, Ontario. 
The students performed several of their band pieces under the direction of Mr. T.
They then shared the Wholine play. 

Then it was on to Ottawa to tour the parliament buildings. 

 The students were able to learn about their history and heritage.

While waiting for the bus, the students did a "flash mob" with a fun song they shared at the talent show. There were a lot of  residents of Ottawa, 
in rush hour traffic who amused and entertained!

                                After an interesting Question and Answer period, 
                    a tour of the parliament buildings  and a quick hello with MP Rick Dykstra, 
                       the students traveled on to Metcalfe where they were billeted for the night.

The next morning, our students share their music and play again. 
After packing the bus for a third time, it was off to Cobourg for a third and final presentation. 

The students did such a wonderful job! Each of our hosts were full of thanks and praise for what the students had shared. 

It is wonderful when we can share gifts with others and to God's glory.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Image Reflecting

Our final throughline this year is image reflecting.
In Genesis 1:27, we read that "God created man in his own image, in the image of God He created them; male and female He created them"
What a powerful statement!
God made us like Himself.
While we are sinful and not perfect, we are reflections of God. 
Therefore, we can show God's character, love, kindness, grace and mercy. 
We have to let God work through us by using our hands, feet and mouths. Each of the hundreds of choices we make each day are opportunities to reflect His image, from the choice of what we wear, to how we greet our family, to how we wait in line at the grocery store. 
We also then need to see God's image in others around us.