Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Image Reflecting

Last week, we had our last chapel on Image Reflecting. 
We began with a wonderful play by Grade 7 and JK/SK students. How cute!

We also were led by Grade 2 on the orffs in Let Me Be Your Servant.

The JK/SK's also led us in a new song I Want to be Like Jesus.

We then met with our GIFT groups. We talked about how we see Jesus reflected in the people in our group. What a special time this was to hear students' comments:
I see Jesus reflected in you when you help me with my math. 
I see Jesus reflected in you because you are always smiling. 
I see Jesus reflected in you when you play sports at recess. 
I see Jesus in you because you are kind. 
I see Jesus' in you when you ask everyone to play with you. 

Sweet, sweet comments because they were from the heart and got to the heart of image reflecting.
We show who Jesus is when we live our lives for Him. Every action and reaction!

Our GIFT group members then took a picture of someone else in the GIFT group and wrote a word on top of the picture of how they see Jesus' reflection.

What a wonderful display!

May we, as students, teachers, and parents, always continue to shine for Him!

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Options 2015

Every other year we offer our students an opportunity to learn a new craft, skill or game. We call this Winter Options. We are very fortunate to have many members come from the community to volunteer their time to teach and lead our students in small groups. This year, these volunteers, along with our upper grade staff, were able to offer scrap booking, cake decorating, crafts, card making, knitting, sewing, quilting, geocaching, RISK, corking, vegetarian cooking, floor hockey and crocheting. On Tuesday afternoons, over a three week period, our Grades 4-8 students participated in one of these outside our regular curriculum. 
THANK YOU to our volunteers that allowed this fun program to happen!