Thursday, 27 February 2014

God Worshipping

This week we were pleased to welcome a praise team from Smithville Christian High School. 
They did a wonderful job leading us in worship using song, Bible passages and personal reflections. 

It is wonderful to belong to a community of learners who believe. 

Here in a clip of one of the songs we sang I Believe

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Inventioneering 2014

Our exiting mousetrap launcher inventioneering challenge took place on 
February 12 with 21 entries.It was great to see the students’ creativity as they:

• stretched their problem solving and creative thinking skills
• were curious about discovering God’s laws of order in creation
• developed their God given talents 
• and had fun

The students in grades 3-8 were challenged to construct and invent a device that would launch a ping-pong ball to hit a target with the power generated by a mousetrap.

Many students were great encouragers and we had a wonderful afternoon of learning.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

What are you Willing to Sacrifice?

This morning our chapel again focused on God Worshipping. 

We worshiped with music. Here Grade 5 leads us in the singing of Siyahamba (We are Marching).

We worship God by learning Bible verses. 
Here our student body recites Psalm 100 from memory. 

We then went back with our GIFT (Growing In Faith Together) groups 
to hear the story of Abraham and Isaac and reflect on how Abraham worshiped God. 

We left with this statement on our minds:

I show how much God is worth to me by what I am willing to sacrifice for Him. 

What an important statement!

In GIFT groups, we heard the story by watching this video:

We then reflected and discussed how we worship God and what things we sacrifice to do this.

We are blessed by parents' act of worship in sending their children to Beacon. 

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

100 Days of Learning

Today we celebrated 100 days of learning about God's world this school year. 

There were many students looking older today... (about 94 years older... where did all those 100 year olds come from?)

Some of the teachers had aged over the weekend too!

We counted, pieced together puzzles, heard 100 day stories, 

found patterns in the numbers 1-100, built with 100 Lego pieces 
and estimated where 100 things would measure to. 

We recited Psalm 100 and heard the parable of the Shepherd and the 100 sheep. 

We also brought in 100 cupcakes to share with the whole school!

and we made some art of what we will look like when we are 100!

We are happy to celebrate 100 days of learning!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

God Worshiping - David and Goliath

Our second chapel on God worshuipping looked at David and his story in defeating Goliath. 
Mr. Pot shared our story with us today:

We had a wonderful time worshiping with music and are always
blessed when our students can share their gifts with us.

SK helps lead the singing

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Flat Stanley Goes to the Olympics!

Stanley Lambchop is a character is a beloved children's book Flat Stanley. While sleeping, Stanley is flattened when a bulletin board falls on him. There are some advantages of being flat and Stanley is able to slide under doors and travel to exotic places cheaply by being mailed by his parents in an envelope through the mail. 

Our grade one and two students read this book together and create their own Flat Stanleys to send through the mail to visit various places in the world. It's a fun experience that allows the students to practice letter writing and also provides opportunity to learn more of God's global world. As the Stanleys return to Beacon via the mail, they are hung on the wall beside the world map along with pictures and notes of the world adventures he has experienced. It's a lot of fun!

One of our students, Corey, has a friend travelling to the Olympics for figure skating. He asked Kirsten Moore-Towers' mother, Sherry Towers to take Stanley with them to the Olympics.
How exciting for Stanley and even more so for our students! 

We can't wait to see where Stanley will end up next! 

We are cheering for Kirsten as she skates at the Olympics. Go Kirsten!

Opening Ceremonies with our Canadian Olympic Team

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

God Worshipping

This month our throughline is God Worshipping.  

Worshipping God is about celebrating who God is, what God has done and is doing, and what God has created. It is literally about standing in awe and wonder of knowledge of him and his promises. Students see this worship as a way of life 
- D. Monsoma - Teaching For Transformation

 This morning at our chapel, we heard some of our students' ideas on what God Worshipping is:

Two senior kindergarten students:

Three grade 2 students:

Our grade 6 students:

and two of our grade 5 students:

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

SK Winter Hike

Each season, the SK class takes a hike through the woods and notices the changes God makes each season (order discovering!)
Instead of going to Burgoyne Woods for the winter hike, the SK class went to Jaycee Park on Ontario Street. It was a great park for sledding. 

Mmmm. Hot Chocolate to warm up!

What a fun way to enjoy God's creation!