Wednesday, 30 October 2013

An afternoon in JK/SK - From Music to Worms

This fall, we were very excited to add a full day JK/SK option at Beacon for interested families. Here is a peek into a typical afternoon in this classroom: 

We have been enjoying a special time of music and movement with scarves and other instruments like shakers and rhythm sticks twice a week. 

A view of a couple of our art projects on display in the hallway.

Children also have time for open ended art activities during the afternoon where they can choose their materials and explore.  This week porcupines were created with toothpicks and styrofoam.

We also worked on some paper tearing skills to represent feathery owls, these are on display in the hallway now.

 With the scattered showers this week, a couple of students found worms in our playground!  This led to a large excavation project and some inquiry into earthworms.

Students really loved the worms and  they drew a picture to show what they were observing and then found a book about worms to help learn some more.  

 The class worked together on a KWL chart that lists "What we KNOW about worms", "What we WONDER about" and later we will fill out "What we have LEARNED". 

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