Saturday, 8 February 2014

Flat Stanley Goes to the Olympics!

Stanley Lambchop is a character is a beloved children's book Flat Stanley. While sleeping, Stanley is flattened when a bulletin board falls on him. There are some advantages of being flat and Stanley is able to slide under doors and travel to exotic places cheaply by being mailed by his parents in an envelope through the mail. 

Our grade one and two students read this book together and create their own Flat Stanleys to send through the mail to visit various places in the world. It's a fun experience that allows the students to practice letter writing and also provides opportunity to learn more of God's global world. As the Stanleys return to Beacon via the mail, they are hung on the wall beside the world map along with pictures and notes of the world adventures he has experienced. It's a lot of fun!

One of our students, Corey, has a friend travelling to the Olympics for figure skating. He asked Kirsten Moore-Towers' mother, Sherry Towers to take Stanley with them to the Olympics.
How exciting for Stanley and even more so for our students! 

We can't wait to see where Stanley will end up next! 

We are cheering for Kirsten as she skates at the Olympics. Go Kirsten!

Opening Ceremonies with our Canadian Olympic Team


  1. There is also a Flat Stanley (from Isaiah de Kleine) in the Netherlands. Flat Stanley joined me watching on TV, and saw that two gold medals are won by Sven and Ireen (speedskating). Yeah

    1. Exciting! We love how the Olympics bring our world together! Congratulations on your medals! We can't wait to see what Stanley is up to in the Netherlands. If possible, you could email us a picture or two and we could add it here!