Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Celebration of Learning

Today was our Celebreation of Learning here at Beacon. 

Students at all grade levels have been working on projects related to health education and they are excited to share them with a wider audience.  These projects are our initial attempts into Project Based Learning. To learn more about Project Based Learning, and why we think it is a valuable way to engage student learning, watch this video, put together by the Buck Institute: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMCZvGesRz8

What is  a Celebration of Learning?   
Our students are not merely consumers of knowledge, but also producers of meaningful work . By hosting an exhibition of student projects, posters, presentations, and performances about health, the Celebration of Learning will provide the Beacon community with a picture of deep, engaged student learning. 


Because we would like to give our students an opportunity to present their ideas for encouraging the health of other students and parents within our community.

Students have created:
·  a mental break video that displays aspects of stress as well as a variety of coping skills
·  plates with portion sizes and food suggestions
·  a healthy cookbook filled with locally grown lunch recipes
·  a circuit comprised of seven stations that will challenge their heart and lung function


Each student group will demonstrate the product, presentation or poster about health

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