Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Perfect Peace

Today in chapel we talked about peace. 
We were happy to welcome Pastor Tabitha VandenEnden.

She asked us first to think about what peace meant. 
She then said that Isaiah says a lot about this idea but never uses the word peace. 
Instead, he uses the word Shalom.

Shalom mean everything is right between you and me. 
We desire to have shalom with our friends, with creation, with our family and with God. 

When we think of the nativity scene, we think of a silent, holy peace filled night.

Mary, Joseph, the shepherd, the quiet sheep and the peaceful, sleeping baby are present in that perfect nativity scene. 
But, what if a tiger, a lion, a jaguar and a bear were added?

It certainly wouldn't have been a peace filled night!

Yet, Isaiah gives a picture of God's perfect peace, when the wolf and the lamb will live together, the leopard will lie with the goat and the infant will play near the cobra's den. (from Isaiah 11:6-8)

                                                  "Peaceable Kingdom" - Edward Hicks

Pastor VandenEnden challenged us to be the candles of peace this advent season as we continue 
to work for God's perfect peace. 

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