Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Justice Seeking - Queen Esther

Today we had our weekly chapel. Our throughline this month is Justice Seeking. "God has decided to use us, His people, to do His work in this world. What a responsibility and privilege!

"We  lead our students to see the injustices in this world—the injustices of poverty, racism, war, exploitation in work places, abuse in relationships, poor governance etc.

"But seeing injustice can't be where we stop. That would leave us discouraged and hopeless." (Doug Monsma, Teaching for Transformation)

Today we looked at Esther as someone who put her life at risk to seek justice.
Using a reader's theatre based on what you see here, our students, in their cross graded GIFT groups, saw how the Bible leaves no doubt that Christian lives must be lives of justice. 

We also enjoyed some praise songs led by our Grade 5 students. 

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