Monday, 20 October 2014

Fairglen - By Grade 8

Fair Glen was awesome. It was one of the best experiences ever. From canoeing to rock 
climbing, we got to know each other in different ways. We had great bonding time and 
got to know each other. Through the many activities around Fair Glen, we challenged 
ourselves mentally and physically. We beat and set records in high ropes and rock 
climbing. Everyone encouraged each other. Archery was a popular sport. We learned 
more about ourselves, nature and about leadership. We learned good things and bad 
things about each other as we saw each other’s good sides and bad sides. Throughout all 
the injuries, we still had fun. We had to show a lot of the fruits of the spirit throughout 
this trip such as patience. We had to work together, as we canoed together and got stuck 
together in a swamp. We were servant leaders as we cleaned up before and after our 
meals. We were treated like royalty as we dined at the Fair Havens hall after a luxurious 
hay ride. The staff was very kind and the food was very delicious. We uncovered 
Winsten’s and Pebble’s true identities. We made many memories.

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