Thursday, 16 October 2014

Mike's Miracles Soccer Tournament

Last Tuesday was our annual Mike’s Miracles Grade Six Soccer Tournament.

Mike’s Miracles is a charitable foundation that was set up by a student at Beacon named Mike VandenDool in the spring of 2008. Mike fought vigorously against the cancer that was invading his body for over a year before the Lord took him home, in his grade 6 year.

During his time in treatment he became increasingly aware of the hardships that many kids faced when diagnosed with cancer. He started Mike’s Miracles as a way to bring some joy to the lives of these same kids. Mike’s parents have continued the work of Mike’s Miracles since Mike’s passing. You can read about what the organization has already accomplished on the website –

Mike was an avid and talented soccer player. He was also a student who would go out of his way to include others in activities. This grade 6 tournament has been designed to encourage students to get to know other students, to work together and to celebrate their healthy bodies while playing the sport of soccer. We are excited that the VandenDool family has agreed to partner with Beacon on this event – making it a Mike’s Miracles event. Students were given a chance to play some soccer, hear about Mike and Mike’s Miracles, and meet some of the students at neighboring Christian schools.

It was a beautiful day of sport and fellowship! It was also a time to share a message about Mike's Miracles and how it tied in with Jesus' message to "Love your neighbor". The students were encouraged to "Make a positive difference" in the lives of others.

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