Wednesday, 25 March 2015

I Can Be A Scientist!

What a wonderful morning the JK and SK classes had the other day!  

We began in a group circle time as we were introduced to the different types of science experiences that we would be involved with during the morning.  Scientist Karen had a bag with a very curious monkey on the front......who was this monkey?  We learned that scientists are very curious and want to experiment and discover things.  We are also curious and want to discover more about God's world and the order that He has created in it.

We used hot water and icy water to watch the red liquid go up and down the tube like a real thermometer works!

We can be Meteorologists.......
How does a thermometer work?

We got to see an anemometer (wind vane) and blew air at it to see how wind is measured.

Looking through rainbow glasses!

We had a chance to be chemists and experimented with dissolving chemicals in water.  Some things dissolve and some didn't.   We recorded our predictions and findings on a chart. We wore lab coats and safety glasses!

We were also marine biologists and had the opportunity to use magnifying glasses to look at different sea creatures.

We got to see a real fish and touch it's fins and get a close up look at it.   It was quite smelly!

We made fish prints that we brought home with us....they were really cool! 

We were also palaeontologists  and got to make fossils......
We took closer looks at dinosaurs, made fossil rubbings and match dinosaur skeletons to dinosaur figures.

At the astronomy tent, we learned about a compass, constellations and the number of stars that make the Big Dipper.  We listened to a story, used flashlights to look at constellations and made our own constellations as well.

Making our own constellations!

We are thankful to our awesome God for creating such a wonderful world for us to enjoy and discover!

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