Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Idolatry Discerning

Each month during this school year, we focus on one throughline. 
Today we had our second chapel on the throughline Idolatry Discerning. 
This is sometimes a difficult one to understand. Tim Keller, a Presbyterian pastor in New York City, defines idolatry as "turning a good thing into an ultimate thing."  

We are blessed with many good things in our school, families and culture. But any "good thing" can become idolatrous when it becomes "the most important thing."

We want to understand that when other ‘things’ are more important to us than our relationship with God, they become idols. Today we looked at how our actions show what is in our hearts, more than words. And, we want to let our hearts (and actions) shine!

  Mrs. Boks provided many scenarios that have happened here at school. We explored the various reactions and decided which one let our lights shine!

It was good for us all to see how we have a choice with our words, actions and reactions! 

We also watched this video: Put God First

Let your light shine!

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