Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Ascension Day

Today we remembered ascension day, 
the day that Jesus ascended into heaven after his resurrection and time on earth. 

We read the story of Jesus ascension from Acts 1:9-11

9 After Jesus had said this and while they were watching, he was taken up into a cloud. They could not see him, 10 but as he went up, they kept looking up into the sky.

Suddenly two men dressed in white clothes were standing there beside them. 11 They said, “Why are you men from Galilee standing here and looking up into the sky? Jesus has been taken to heaven. But he will come back in the same way that you have seen him go.”

Our SK students sang, "Vivant, Vivant" (Alive, Alive).
Our Jesus is alive forevermore!

We're also learning a new song "Louder" by Matt Redman.

We love to sing and learn new songs!

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