Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Beauty Creating

This month we have been looking at the throughline Beauty Creating. 
It was very fitting, then, that we started by recognizing Sarah's artwork that 
was selected for the Rankin Run T shirts. 
The Rankin Run is one more way we can let our lights shine in our community. 
We were glad to play a small part in raising over one million dollars for cancer care in Niagara. 

We watched a powerful video on the greatest artist of all time:

While we watched the video, we also watched Claire help Mrs. Boks with a piece of art.

... and this was the finished product:

Some of our students worked in a praise team to create beauty with their 
voices as we continued to learn a new song Louder.

God has made so many amazing and beautiful things! But do we spend enough time marveling at his beautiful things or creating our own beautiful things? 
We can get distracted!
We want to remind ourselves to turn off the screens, put away the distractions and take some time every day to see beauty and create beauty!

What can we do when we want to be out enjoying creation and creating beauty? 
Our afternoon kindergartners shared their ideas with us!

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