Wednesday, 28 February 2018

All Things Bright and Beautiful

It is good when we can care for others in community. 

God's goodness was seen when our Grade 2 class raised over $5000 for 
Out of the Cold with their dessert auction.

We shared God's goodness when our Grades 1-8 students raised $5686.00 to care for people with Multiple Sclerosis when they read and collected pledges during the MS Read-a-thon.

Grade 5 shared God's goodness when they hosted a free spaghetti supper last Friday for the neighbours that live around Beacon, in an effort to build community. 

God's goodness was shared with the residents of Tabor Manor when our JK and Grade 7 students went to visit with them last week.

Beacon felt God's goodness after a wonderful gala where generous donations were given.

When we are filled with God's goodness, it will spill out into the world around us.

 We were reminded us that we can only be filled with goodness when we have Jesus inside of us. When Ms. F. tried to clean the outside of her dirty vase, it didn't work, because it needed to be clean from the inside. Just like the vase couldn't be cleaned from the outside, we can't be cleaned from the outside with things like prayer, reading the Bible, attending church or a Christian school. We first need Jesus to cleanse us from the inside. Then we can be filled with his goodness. And when we are filled with His goodness, others will see it!

And who doesn't love watching JK sing?

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