Thursday, 8 February 2018


This week, we are saying good-bye to our Korean friends. 
It was wonderful to get to know them and we hope they have been blessed by their time
 at Beacon. We have been blessed by them.

This month, we are looking at the fruit of the spirit goodness. 
It was very kind of the SK teacher to share her cookies with the grade 4 teacher!
They looked soooo good with the pretty icing and decorations!
But Mr. B found that the cookie he had tasted terrible!
The beautiful cookie was actually full of way too much salt!

Does the outside always match the inside?
The Kindergarten students helped us look further into this question
The JK students have been talking about chefs and bakers this week. 
They used the idea of following recipes and 
thought about what would be a good recipe for goodness..

A recipe for goodness begins having God in our hearts as that's where all goodness comes from.
That's like the mixing bowl where everything belongs.
Next, you need a good recipe. God has given us the Bible with all the instructions for goodness.

Like ingredients in the recipe, there are ingredients for goodness:

But, besides good ingredients, there are things that don't belong in a recipe 
(like Borax in a cookie recipe... that's in the recipe for Slime!)
In the recipe for goodness, there are things that you don't want in your life. 
They belong in the garbage:

God has to be the main ingredient or else our lives will be like that salty cookie. They might look good on the outside, but they won't be good on the inside. After we have God in our heart, then the other good ingredients can be added. A heart that loves God and puts Him first will not only have goodness, but the other fruits of the spirit, too. When we have God in our hearts, we will want to be close to him through prayer, reading the Bible, going to church and worshiping Him. 
This recipe for goodness will enable us to shine the light of Jesus to others. 

Thank you, Kindergarten, for teaching us about goodness this week!

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