Monday, 22 October 2012

Gr. 8 Guest Blogger

From time to time, we will feature guest student bloggers. It's great to hear from our students themselves on life here at Beacon!
Toronto Trip
Haley M.

Hi Beacon blog readers. When Mr.Vandenburg took our class to Toronto, we went on the go bus, train and the subway. The bus was a coach bus, and it was really comfy. We got to sit with someone from our class on the way there and back. We also saw a boat that had been burnt; it was by a restaurant. On the train on the way there, we all got to sit together. But on the way
back, we had to sit by a French lady that was middle aged. It wasn’t that bad,
but our class was so quiet. The best part of being on the train was that it felt
like it wasn’t moving well maybe a little. On the train, you have barely any leg room.

Then in Toronto we went on the subway, and we almost got left on the train. The people on the subway seemed tired, annoyed and bored. When the subway train started, some of the kids in our class screamed, and the people on the train looked at us funny. There were lots of people in the station and on the trains. It is hard to get around all the people, because they all move so fast.

Some of the joys of living in Toronto are that there are lots of interesting things to look at and places that are walking distance. Some of the struggles of living in Toronto are that there are people living on the street that are ignored. My pictures show that there are lots of tall, short, old, and new buildings in Toronto. Other people’s pictures showed that there are some cool places and art in Toronto.

Mr. Fullan’s class and Rhoda (our tour guides) showed us and told some really cool stuff. Mr. Fullan’s class showed us how there school was shaped like a peacock and a cool museum. Rhoda brought us to the food festival, and there was a guy with a cool water instrument. Mr. Fullan’s class showed us bikes that were painted as an art project that were all over the city. They also showed us were you can rent a bike and told us that you can put them in a different rent a bike section. Thank you for reading.

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