Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Gr. 8 Guest Blogger

This is the last of our Gr. 8 Guest bloggers blogging about the Toronto trip. 
Toronto trip
Leah S.

1. The purpose of our Toronto trip was to see new places and to prove we could get to Toronto without using a car or van. I think it was really fun doing all the public transit. It was a new experience. The bus was very comfy. They had nice feet rests, lights. Lots of space, and the seats could recline. On the train it
didn’t even feel like it was moving. Four people sat towards each other so they could talk and it was lots of fun. On the subway it wasn’t as comfortable but we were only on for 10 minutes we got to see some new people. When we were getting out we learned that the doors automatically close if you don’t go out fast enough. Luckily someone’s lunch got stuck in the door and one of our leaders pulled the doors apart. On the way back we didn’t get stuck in the subway. It was the same experience, but on the bus we all got separated from each other so we  had to sit with different people, on the bus people we didn’t know just
sat there on there phones with their ear buds in.  On the bus we all sat with people with our class. We all talked and had fun. I took some good pictures. We saw factories, lakes, buildings, and stuff like that. It was lots of fun because we got to have a new experience with our friends.

2. Joys-There was lots to do there like the food festival, in the school that Mr. Fullen taught in they were making a big art project. We got to see a man who invented his  own instrument that used water instead of air. There was really good food there too. We all enjoyed our lunches a lot.

Struggles- There is a lot of people so it is overwhelming, some people are homeless, and we saw that there was lots of pollution. Our pictures show lots of bikes which means people they bike everywhere, it’s expensive to park your car and for a taxi, there are busy streets, lots of buildings, and cool architecture. One of the pictures shows a telephone pole covered in advertising and pictures and the other shows a poem I graved in the ground by a publishing place which was really cool.

3. Rhoda taught us that the trees in Toronto aren’t happy because there is concrete over them and no dirt. There is not a lot of clean air. Mr. Fullen’s class showed us lots of cool architecture, cool places like a place where they publish books. They showed us there school which is shaped like a peacock which was really cool.

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