Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Grade 8 Guest Blogger

From time to time, we will feature guest student bloggers. It's great to hear from our students themselves on life here at Beacon!
Toronto Reflection Blog
Sara V.

I really enjoyed Toronto! We went to Toronto to learn more about the
history and the biome. We also went to prove that we can travel all the way to
Toronto without using a car, so we used public transit. I really liked the public
transit. My favourite way that we travelled was on the train. I liked the train the
best because it was fast and smooth, although I didn’t like waiting for the train
because it was very cold outside. There was lots of beautiful scenery and we saw
a lot of God’s creation on the way. Many different people take the train. We saw
some old, some young, some French, but most English. On the way back, Abbey,
Haley, and I sat beside a quiet middle-aged woman. The woman kept to herself
and I was wondering why. Then the woman took out her phone and started to
talk in French! It was wonderful to see all the different people on the train. And I
loved to sit backwards.

I didn't like the subway as much because it was dark through the tunnels
and it was loud. On the subway there were a lot of people and we couldn’t all sit.
Some of us had to stand up. I felt like the subway was rushed because the doors
closed right on Katie’s lunch! If it weren’t for Mr. Mulder trying to open the doors
and Rhoda waving to the driver, most of our class would have travelled much
farther than Toronto.
I liked the bus because it was a little more private. It was two to a seat
and we were all facing forwards. On the bus there were a lot of people, but
there were less than on the train, and the subway. We could all sit in partners
and no one had to sit with strangers. I think this way of travelling was the most
peaceful and quiet.

I think that if you lived in Toronto, it would be very busy. Mr. Fullen said
that he had never owned a car before in his life. I think that if we had no car, we
could explore many other things like the subway, a train, the bus, or just walking
around in God’s creation, although, it would take a lot longer than driving
straight there in a car. Also in Toronto, there were some homeless people. If we
had to walk everywhere, I think we would often be asked for food or money.
Rhoda was very kind, thinking of them, and brought us some granola bars to
give to them.

Mr. Fullen’s class and Rhoda showed us many interesting things in
Toronto, but the thing that stood out to me most was the Varsity Stadium,
which Usain Bolt ran in. It’s very cool that a celebrity runner was in Toronto!
There was also a building that was shaped like a peacock. There were a lot of
different shaped buildings, too. There were some old-fashioned churches and
some brand-new glass buildings. It was neat to see all the different buildings.
And all the different shapes had different purposes too. Some libraries, some
restaurants, some offices, and some churches too. Going to Toronto was an
amazing experience, seeing all the different places and learning more of this

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